Colourcottage front page: painting, photography, blogging, yarn and crafts, art shop.

Colour Cottage (in Danish = Farve-hytten) is the online home of one person with many interests and therefore the collective brand name for all of the branches that sprout from this.

Painting, photography, weaving and other yarn related activities, blogging about them, sending the results to new homes all over the world. Just to mention a few activities.

Personal and business related all under one hat, because that is who I am. No CEO, no business plan, just myself making stuff. If you like some of it, that will make me very happy, if you don’t, I’ll keep making it anyway or my soul dies! grin

Hvis du ikke er stærk i det engelske sprog, så hop over til for at få mere at vide.


News April 16 2018:

I'm starting a monthly (or less) newsletter about new items for sale, earlybird specials, possibly freebies and other surprises. Click here to subscribe. Your address will be perfectly safe and never shared with anybody else, I swear.

All images Copyright Pia Juul aka ColourCottage